guys… I’m feeling conflicted…


I have Verizon, and I’ve been using the HTC Eris for about… 1.5 years now. So I’m used to an android but… the iPhone is the iPhone. And everyone says to get the iPhone but I don’t use any other Apple products (I don’t use a mac computer or anything, just an iPod) but I’m still leaning towards Android because it’s what I’m used to.

Any suggestions?

this is what my room looks like right now:

ahhhh, post it notes…… my preferred method of organization. 
I always have these manic random bursts or organization and production then the next day I’m back to my normal procrastinating self. it’s a vicious cycle.  

im just honestly really tired of this

new phone last January 2010, had to get it replaced last June (when I fell into a pool with it) & November (when it got stolen at a ghetto hospital as I was with my friend who was there for alcohol poisoning).

new camera just this February, replaced it a couple of weeks ago because I accidentally dropped it in a glass of alcohol.

new kindle about 3 weeks ago, just dropped it tonight and it’s pretty much unusable. fml. good thing the warranty still covers it…

I’m glad my ipod has lasted for almost 3 years now. definitely a record.

a low key friday night to myself is just what i need