he’s coming in town tomorrow!!

I was planning on going to see him for a few days next week… but he’s coming in town tomorrow which means I get to see him sooner and YAY :) :) :)

I hate working Fridays. I want my schedule for fall to be work Sun, Mon, Wed… school Tue, Thu. Nothing at all on Fri, Sat. 

If they keep scheduling me for Friday I will shoot someone -_____-
I get them covered half the time anyways!! ahh they are severely hindering my road trippin’ life with this schedule. grr.  

all the yoga meditating and de-stressing and sweating things out just flew RIGHT OUT THE FUCKING WINDOW

my contacts are old so it’s hard to wear them slash when I wear them I’m pretty much blind, and my doctor’s office is ANNOYING and the new ones haven’t come in yet. also I’m about to go to the movies with a boy.
I keep forgetting I’m not in 3rd grade anymore and no one gives a fuck if you wear glasses. I wear them during the day and doing errands and to work and whatever all the time, no big deal. but whenever I’m going out and looking nice I always feel like I need to wear my contacts.

why do I always find myself coming back to you?

1,000 POST!!

All 1000 of them things that I feel like posting… funny gifs, personal text posts, personal pictures, cute animals, cute quotes, awesome graphics from movies and tv shows… 

So thank you for following and appreciating/reblogging/liking everything I post :D

it’s only appropriate to have a gif spam :)